You’ve probably read this by now. Encapsulates everything I’ve been feeling. It’s like this generation’s “Howl.” And the fact that this is this generation’s “Howl” says something about the generation. Everyone I know is brokenhearted. Especially this part You actually know

A Week to Go

New song from me: Lyrics: They say the meek will inherit the grave, a week to go The strong and weak, cowards and the brave, a week to go Everybody wants a savior, but nobody wants to be one Won’t

I Interview Jim O’Rourke

Hearing Jim O’Rourke’s “Eureka” changed how I thought about recording music. Somehow (i.e. my incredible wife-to-be) I was able to interview him from Tokyo. Posted on Filmmaking Review.

Marc Maron & Louis CK Podcast

For Louis CK fanatics, this podcast is a must-listen, and the closest you’ll get to an autobiography until he writes one. It’s done after the first season of his TV series.

Gun Control

A note for gun rights proponents: the expiration of the last assault weapons ban coincided with the Patriot Act. We have had no assault weapons ban since then, and in that time we get kill lists, suspension of habeas corpus,

I’m Done with Conspiracy Theory

In the drum-up to writing The American Book of the Dead, I became very immersed in conspiracy theories. I love them – a mixture of fiction and real life that may just be true, giving the story a greater weight

Bad Language in The Casual Vacancy

I find the bad reviews on The Casual Vacancy (more bad than good) amazing and kind of depressing. I’ve always been mystified when my own novels get targeted for their bad language.  In a world where Tarantino is mainstream, how

Review: Bob Goldthwait’s “God Bless America”

I’m not sure if Bob Goldthwait totally gets what he’s created in “God Bless America,” and it is summed up in this sentence from his defense of the movie: “a little part of me hopes for copycats.” In the movie,

How to be the Wind

New song. How to be the wind You take your mind off She is a wave And she departed She is the way It all started How do you begin When it’s all over Do you go on And grow