The American Book of the Dead Part I & II

Part I & II of The American Book of the Dead, winner of the Gold IPPY Award for Visionary Fiction and Best Fiction at the DIY Book Festival.

In Part I, writer Eugene Myers begins dreaming of people who turn out to be real, and realizes the novel he is writing is coming true as well: every paranoid conspiracy theory is a reality, and the demented, fanatical President Winchell is trying to bring the Book of Revelation to life.

In Part II, Eugene Myers takes his group of dreamers public—he’s elevated to the level of messiah, and Anti-Christ, while President Winchell wants to start a second civil war. And then the aliens arrive…


Praise for Part I:

“Part apocalyptic sci-fi and part psychological thriller with elements of more accessible literary novels and even neo-noir, this is a deep story that transcends genres.” Steve Anderson, author of The Losing Role

“Apocalyptic lit in the tradition of Wilson & Shea’s Illuminatus!, TABOTD explores the double-edged roles that religious faith and warfare play in the human drama. An impressive blend of conspiracy theory, satire, philosophical musings, and intense mindf*ckery.” Moxie Mezcal, author of Concrete Underground

“This book is as important to modern American literature as Fight Club.” Catherine Tosko, author of The Bull and The Ban

“A tight, character-centered book that has some urgency in its message. Why? Because Baum’s frightening future is something that could easily happen.” Rememorandum

“An oddly outstanding piece of literature.” Geek Life

“Really great—reminds me of Philip K. Dick and Kurt Vonnegut.” Scott Booker, Manager of the Flaming Lips


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