The Golden Calf

Released by Another Sky Press

Ray Tompkins is the kind of person you never get to know. He’s the security guard, the factory worker, the man working the midnight shift. Nobody really understands Ray – not his coworkers, not his family, and certainly not the women in his life. There is a rage building inside Ray Tompkins and Los Angeles is the fuel – the sick obsession with celebrity mixed with the vacuousness of everyday life. Against this backdrop, Ray Tompkins finds a way to vent his anger. He, too, will be known…

“This pacy, tightly written novel is like ‘Taxi Driver’ meets Charles Bukowski’s Factotum.” Uncut

“A marvel of pace and comic timing….Much of Baum’s narrative bears a similarity to Dostoevsky’s Notes from the Underground.” Daily Telegraph

“With a superb narrative control, Baum paints a portrait of male dysfunction set to explode.” The List

“A bleak morality tale, interspersed with humor and the voice of a rounded character, troubled as he is.” The Herald

“An amusing, persuasive insight into obsession, stalking and the disintegration of sanity. Highly recommended.” Butterfly

“Explores the hazy junction where the teeth of the daily grind sink into the day-dreamt certainties of life’s true bell-head sounds.” Lee Ranaldo, member of Sonic Youth

Previously published by Soft Skull Press, Rebel Inc. in the UK, and Hachette Littératures in France:

Scenes from The Golden Calf filmed by “Zombieland” director, Ruben Fleischer.

Buy the book in print or ebook here.

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